Most Easi-File folders are designed with an end tab so that files can be labeled and quickly identified.
Folders excluding end tabs include 250A4GF and GPLF.

250A4GF College Compatible Glued Flap

This folder is a A4 size, and has two glued pockets.

250FSGF Foolscap Glued Folder

This folder is a foolscap size, and has two glued pockets.

250GP Long Flap

A4 Folder with fold up flaps.

326A4 Standard A4 Buff Folder

Folders, A4 size with a 30mm capacity, only in buff, with or without clips attached.

326GG Glued Gusset Folder

Strong user friendly glued Gusset foolscap folder with a 30mm capacity.

326STD Standard folder in foolscap size

Standard foolscap folders in buff or white with a 30mm file capacity.

326STDCA Standard folder in foolscap with Permclip

Standard foolscap folders in buff with Permclip attached and a 30mm capacity.

335TT Top Tab Folder

A specially made folder for top tab filing systems.

355GG Large Glued Gusset Folder

Larger, heavier, Glued Gusset folder

435EHW Folder

Space saving durable folder with a 50mm file capacity